Relics and Tales from the Phylum Porifera

Back at the Sponge HQ this past Friday night we got to re-create the MoMA moment with relics and tales from Prototype for Preserving the Phylum Porifera. Performing live casting with polyurethane sponge molds, bouncy ’til cured and ready for more needle felting. Under debate – future experiments on environmental alternatives. While on the Adirondack chairs, focused felters jabbed deftly as lavender wool meshed with these fresh sponge forms.

At the heart of the space lay relics from our MoMA mission – a central plinth, filled with felted bee-boxes and assorted sponges and on our bright green walls, underwater shots of Captain Don’s reef. On screen the new video absorbed guests.

The HQ hive had ceased to buzz after multiple stresses – building work and a slight location shift for them. So Hope harvested and it was a fabulous sight – oozing, golden honey glowing in the evening lamplight and large chunks of striking geometric honey-comb heaped in buckets. Folks got to taste it all straight from the hive.

On the side, a joint potluck with Portrait as Community students and curators, Michael Lease and Yuki Hibben; their exhibition was right next door.

Tales were shared and the prototype evolved…

All thanks, as ever, to the team at Anderson Gallery for this inaugural Open Late. From the Sponge HQ – Colleen Billing, Colleen Brennan, Patrick Carter, Lindsay Clements, S. Riley Duncan, Gavin Foster, Hope Ginsburg, JoJo Houff, Julia Hundley, Joshua Quarles and Clare van Loenen.

Photos by: Gavin Foster (top) and Ameigh Schwarz (bottom)

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